OlympicNet.NET goals are clear: create a great customer experience, and build relationships with our customers which allows us to offer creative and customized solutions to meet their particular needs. Continuous improvement, communication, honesty, and respect are essential to accomplish this.


From the simplest to the harder we specialize on a wide range of services in I.T.-  Home / Business


In OlympicNet.NET you can find , Electrical devices, Parts,  Specialised devices, I.T. devices, Electronics, and anything else based on the categories, new or second hand  .


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Our Clients Say it Best
  • “I am a computer nitwit. The machine I was using was so slow and I knew the security on it was a mess. I saw the movie “Untraceable”, about home computers and lack of security. It scared me to death. I knew I had to get a new computer but was clueless. OlympicNet at my PC Techs was wonderful. They asked me a lot of questions regarding how I use my home computer and what I needed it to do. Then OlympicNet actually helped me order it from the store I was trust. Once again, I would have had no idea what to get! Once it came he then came over to my house and set it all up. It was a terrific experience.

    They do website design, PC repair, data backup, hardware, software, networking, tech support, training and consulting. They have over 20 years of experience. It is technology you can trust and support you can afford.”–Harrison Mecronas

  • “We have our own IT department, but we felt that we needed a company to assist us with installations and other areas that we don’t necessarily have background or experience in. We chose Corporate Computer Services because they work with other engineering and architectural firms and are familiar with the types of programs we use in our business. They have been a big help to us by troubleshooting and working on server-related issues that we don’t have the time or expertise to do, and have found the staff to be very friendly and easy to work with”–Morrison Andrew

  • “We really needed a company that could handle the computer issues we no longer had the time or experience to deal with. OlympicNet is a perfect solution for us because we have the same IT Professional with us every week who is very familiar with our network, and we don’t have to worry about dealing with computer problems on our own anymore. The fact that We are confident that if someone else had to manage our network down the road, it would be easy to do because of the systems that are in place.”–Hanna Roland